kill the darling children... (kickxrocks) wrote,
kill the darling children...

its time for the bi-monthly update...

things are still good...

  • one month tillt he couch finally comes

  • my finger has been broken for a month now.

  • judge got sick even though he was suppose to be covered for a year...sounds fishy i know...hes fine now

  • i have been into the whole remodeling and decorating thing again since i did the work for the coffee shop.

  • there has been a lot of talk about buying a house, which has got me thinking alot about making a fantastic back yard for us, ive become an adult.

  • kristin has been planning the marriage for the last month...although we are not yet engaged...a stress on the yet.

  • this will officially be the first winter of my life that i have money saved and will not have to borrow to survive.

  • this will also be the first winter ever that i have money to buy presents for those i love...which i am actually excited about...again...age has crept up on me.

over all couldnt be better.
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