kill the darling children... (kickxrocks) wrote,
kill the darling children...

the only thing better than disneyland is making fun of stupid families with the one you love.....

ok so im back from CA. heres the highlights

disneyland with the girl i love
the sandiego zoo...pandas...polar bears and all...
the fancy hotel room.
yellow cake made with love
finding vegan glory...very good
getting lost in LA every other car trip...but never forgetting how much i love the girl i was with.
pirates of the carribian(SP?)
the fucking maderhorn
cute couple stuff for 4 days
meeting the dopest two black 8 year olds there is.
santa pier...
the gf winning a million tickets at the arcade and spending them on a kungfu kid.
did i mention cute couples stuff?
one million and one hugs

to sum it all up, best birthday ever provided by the most fantastic girlfriend anyone could ever ask for.
kristin is amazing, i couldnt be happier.

feel free to be jealous
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