kill the darling children... (kickxrocks) wrote,
kill the darling children...

this summer so far...come party

june 18th the starting point, count the hours, attrition, cherem
june 29th attitude, meltdown, learn, w/ more TBA
july 3rd wind of plague, a love ends suicide, w/ more TBA
july 6th set it straight, ruiner, final fight, counting the days, and cool yer jets
july 14th ceremony, lights out, w/ more TBA
july 21st life long tragedy,aftermath of a trainwreck, cool yer jets, w/ more TBA
july 26th johnny cage,catch your breath,outlook, w/more TBA
july 27th the glory,no truce, w/ more TBA
august 9th , cherem

all shows @
wild mushroom pizza
400 west 400 south
salt lake city, UT.
doors @ 7
$5 @ door
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